Acoustic Tiles

Development project on Robotic Manufactured Acoustic Tiles​


Copenhagen, Denmark


A research and innovation project, with the focus on developing novel clay-based sound scattering tiles through studies in architectural acoustics and architectural robotics. By employing advanced computational design methods; geometries, sound energy distribution, fabrication procedures, material processes, composition modularity and specificity have studies led to fourteen tile types, organised in two families, the Cusps and Folds and two Hybrid tiles, based on catastrophe theory from mathematics and sound scattering principles from acoustics.

JHA was responsible of conducting design system investigations, structural calculations and construction details, and with PASOLD FOGED architects responsible for the project, design, acoustics and construction project, with project partner ODICO responsible for manufacturing the developed tiles, project partner and project partner Strøjer Tegl responsible for the material and firing processes.

The scientific project results are available in in-depth papers. The innovation project has been supported by Realdania, Aalborg University and Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.