Amphiscene Cover​

Bespoke Tensile Cover for Aalborg Zoo​

Aalborg Zoo



Studsgaard and JHA designed and installed a 700m2 membrane structure in Aalborg Zoo, in the northern Denmark, covering their new amphitheatre scene, called the Zoofari Scene. As part of the Zoo’s plans to develop the entire park according to a new masterplan set for 2030, the playground-area and the new scene was the first step on the way.
The design is mediating both functional demand and aesthetic ambition with potential to create a landmark on the site.

The membrane where designed in close collaboration with Aalborg Zoo’s employees, in regards to their functional needs, and over several construction and planning
meetings refined to satisfy these best possible. Going from a two-point mast supported structure to a three-point, meant that a special solution for the central mast had to be developed, to secure a clear view to the stage for the audience.
Fabrication of the membrane pieces where controlled against the parametric model to ensure precision in the final weld-assembled membrane.

For the central mast-supported top point of the structure a tailored space frame truss, where developed to secure best possible view to the stage and at the same time make place to install light and sound for the performing acts on stage.
To design such a structure in the most elegant and slender way, algorithmic optimization was used to find the most sufficient form in relation to the applied structural load conditions.

The final structure sits subtly on the slightly rising slope, covering the amphitheatre scene, seating more than 300 audiences. Its asymmetric and dynamic interior space creates a perfect setting for the Zoo’s own animal entertainment shows as well as musical performances.