Observation Tower​

Double shell Timber Observatory​

Kongernes Nationalpark

Esrum, Denmark


Based on the interest in a sketch proposal for a new observation tower in Esrum, overlooking the newly established National Park, Jacob Hilmer Architecture has designed a tower inspired by nature, challenging the boundaries within timber construction and technology.

The tower forms a landmark for the new National Park, and will draw tourists and visitors to the area, displaying the beautiful nature and history of the landscape, from a new angle.

The tower is strongly inspired by nature, and its structure is designed using the logic of Fibonacci’s golden ratio, that describes many of natures most beautiful forms.

The tower is built around an inner and an outer lattice, following the lines that form the shell patterns on a pine cone. The same spiral pattern that occurs in sunflowers, pineapple fruits and in the way the leaves are distributed on many plant stalks, just to name a few.