Green Clusters – Sustainable Compact Living

Based upon the semester theme of sustainable architecture the project has been designed through the integrated design process, where a focus on combining the knowledge of architecture and engineering through the whole process has been the aim.

Through the process an eye on merging the interior and exterior through detailing the construction and the work with the materiality in both interior and exterior to design an area and architecture with focus on the sensuous scale. The aim is to design a net-zero building, but also a building where a focus on detailing, materials and tectonic creates a durable building there can be used and minimize the use of materials and stand for many years. This is designed through the creation of a new typology there is en near contact with the near context and the nature where the guiding and light is used to create atmospheres there speaks to the human scale.

The theme of sustainability is been explored through the design task of creating a mixed-use zero-energy housing complex at the coast of Limfjorden. With a focus on creating a housing complex with indoor privacy and private green areas, and where the building is designed with an aim on the integrated design process to create a good indoors environment. The proposed program simultaneously suggest an floor area ratio between 80 – 150% and of this up to 10% mixed used, and the buildings should be no more than an averaged height of 3 stores and one type of the apartments no more than 115m2.

To reach a point of strategies for validating the architecture through both quantitative and qualitative values our own understanding and use of integrated design process and sustainability is applied.