SPIF Facade Panels

Robot formed metal panels​


Copenhagen, Denmark

2017 →

With the motivation to innovate building facades in sheet metals, such as zinc, copper, tombak, aluminium, steel, etc., Jacob Hilmer Architecture has designed and developed a prototype wall, demonstrating the potential of robotically shaped façade panels.

Inspired by the bark of the birch tree, which sporadically varies between smooth surface and vulcanized cracks, computer-generated geometry has made it possible to paraphrase this notion, so that the facade panels almost appear as grown by nature.

Subsequent to this idea, it is sought to enlighten the robot forming process with aspects from traditional craftsmanship. More specifically, the objective has not been to shape a flawless reproduction of the digital surface. On the contrary, imperfections and traces of the tool, contribute to the craft-related relation.

The project examines the tension field where material and execution reveal something unexpected, discoveries you could not have anticipated.