Utzon 100 Pavilion

Tribute Shell Pavilion in Plywood ​

Utzon Center / Smukfest

Skanderborg, Denmark


In collaboration with Utzon Center, Jacob Hilmer Architecture (JHA), has designed a pavilion for Smukfest 2018 on the occasion of Jørn Utzon 100 anniversary.

Seen from a above the pavilion, and its sounding plateaus, will display as the outline of Utzon’s Sydney Opera House, honoring Utzon and the principles that characterized his outstanding architecture.

All 50 panels are different in size and angles, and only made rational to produce due to digital fabrication technology. Once produced and organized for assembly the entire construction is solved in a generic joint detail. Utzon also sought standardized industrial production methods, while still managing to make the composition of elements playful and freely shaped.

This understanding and the use of new design- and production technologies, has enabled JHA to create a pavilion that celebrates Utzon’s thinking and understanding of architecture, production, construction, technology, and their interrelation.